Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Repeats at Chevalier College Oval ~~~~~

The oval was rough and muddy in parts but got the session done as best I could with ground conditions not the best.  Lane markings barely visible, so just ran anywhere!

20x30 sec. 1min RI

Program :
10 -20 times 30 secs @ 1500m pace
1 min RI between each
Cool-down & stretches

I did 20 x 30 secs....counting reps. and keeping an eye on Garmin for times is quite a challenge for me!
1min jog Recovery Interval after every fast 30 seconds
Few stretches to finish.

I did this session as one continuous run.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Sunday and Monday ~~~~

Both days I've been doing easy running on different sections of our Bowral Parkrun course. No Garmin and I felt lost without it, but left it at home on purpose.  Both runs were to see if the water was receding and how much of the cycle path was clear so that Saturday's RD can post which course we'll be using. Today was much better than yesterday except for the cold wind; water drying out and it's looking like course 'B' will be the one for this Saturday.  Another check on Thursday should do it!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Bowral Parkrun Cancelled!

All three of our courses, A, B and C were either waterlogged or had dangerous branches falling.  Disappointing but the right call considering the terrible windy conditions throughout the whole area.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hill Repeats ~~~~~ on Bowral Parkrun Course

Program: 6 x 90 seconds
Walk down RI
Warm-up jog from Briars to Hoskins Reserve and back.
TE 1.4  minor!

The entire hill, from top to bottom was either mud or water or both!  Even the steepest section where I did the reps was slippery and muddy and wet!

I check out the course each Thursday during winter so that the RD can decide which course to use the following Saturday.  So far, we have Courses 'A', 'B, and 'C'.  Both  A and C use the hill so both those are out this weekend.  Instead, we'll be using B this Saturday and it starts at Hoskins Reserve about 500m down the road from Briars towards Moss Vale.  From there, it's doubling out and back on the cycle path.  Most dislike it because of all the extra turnarounds but it's dry and, more importantly, where a PB is more likely with no hill to climb at the finish!

One of several 'lakes' on the parkrun hill

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Easy Jog/Walk ~~~~

My program had 50 -70 minutes easy distance run for today but my legs said otherwise!  Light rain.

30 minutes easy jog
20 minutes walking

50 mins jog/walk

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Chev. Track ~~~~ Tuesday.

I failed to get anywhere near what the progrm said I should do!

After a warm-up

12-20 x 400m @ 10k pace.  Looking that up on the pace chart, 2:52 (7:10m/k)

After just 7 reps I'd had it!  Did usual stretches and went home.

2:53;   2:53;   2:51;   2:51;   2:52;  3:03;  3:04

Tomorrow's easy run is going to be very easy!

Westies Joggers "Festival of the Feet" ~~~~ Sunday

I did the 7km with my friend from Bowral parkrun, Jo, but she was much faster than I!  A hard, hilly course that I can remember well from when I used run their half marathons.

7km in 58:06
Avg pace 8:01
Splits:  7:28; 7:41;  8:09;  8:20; 8:16;  8:05;  8:04
TE  2.6 =  Maintining

4th of 4 in 70+ age category!!
1st 43:21
2nd 45:41
3rd 55:23
4th 56:07 ...me!!
7km course

Friday, July 15, 2016

Easy Distance Run ~~~~~

Lovely, sunny morning and no wind!

Today's Program:
30 -70 minutes easy running.

I did 60 minutes
Diamond Fields Road
Avg Pace 8:57m/k
AHR 74%-86% of max.
TE  2.0 = Maintaining.

Made this run/jog very easy .... Parkrun tomorrow.  Westies Joggers 7km Fun Run Sunday.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tempo Run ~~~~~

Ran  on our Bowral Prkrun course and OMG the wind was icy running downhill for a warm-up!!  The lower section is muddy and wet which should make for some fun on Saturday!

My program :
2 x 10 minutes (7:15m/k)
3 min jog RI between

500m jog downhill warm-up!
10 mins @ 7:29m/k  TE  2.5 Maintaining
3 min jog
10 mins @ 7:10m/k  TE  2.6 Maintaining
500m uphill cool-down.
Course 'A' ..... not being used for now!  We have 'B' and 'C' when needed!