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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tempo Run ~~~~~ Parkrun Course.

5km tempo run -- Bowral Parkrun Course
Today's Tempo Run:

Bowral Parkrun course :
3km easy
5km @ ST pace 7:23m/k (using 36min time for 5k)
1.5km easy.

5km in 36:36
Avg. 7:18m/k ...finished just ahead of VP!
HR 71-79%
Splits:  7:26;     7:06;     7:30;     7:05;     7:19
TE  1.5 ..... Minor again!
Total 9.5km

The cycle path is still wet and muddy in a couple of sections, as is the grass slope, which I ran uphill at the finish despite the fact that I was in the final "easy" 1.5km!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Track ~~~~ Awful Weather!

It was cold, raining lightly and the grass soggy at Chevalier College track this morning.

Program :
10-20 min warm-up ....I did 13 min + few drills & strides
6 x 800m in 5:32 ... based on a time of 36min for 5km ... will get an up to date 5k time at Parkrun on Saturday.
10min cool-down ... I did a few stretches only.

5:47;     5:49;    5:47;    5:36;      5:41;    5:25
TE 2.4 = Minor!
I ran just inside the oval fence..no lanes marked.

Miserable weather at the track today.  Glad to get home and into hot shower!

Garmin Forerunner 620 measures almost twice around for 800m.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Long Run ~~~~~

What a glorious day here .... and I suppose just about everywhere! Leah and I started from the Highlands School at 9:00am and headed for Diamond Fields Road which, as always, never disappoints.  The dirt road was in fairly good condition but care needed running over stones, rocks and ditches. We took many walk breaks but ran every hill ..... long or short; mostly they were long! I depended on Leah to take the lead when approaching a hill and, with encouragement, to keep me honest all the way to the top each time!  We ran as far as what is in fact the Nepean River where it trickles across the trail in a wondrous bush setting where the only sounds are those of the birds and the water cascading over fallen trees and the spillway.

I carried water today to see if being dehydrated has been the cause of this dreadful dry heaving I've been getting in recent months.  Pleased that I didn't have a single episode, so that might have been the problem.  I googled "dry retching/heaving" recently and most responses mention making sure of adequate hydration before and during run. I might have to take water for Parkrun's 5km because the 'retching' happens in short distances as well as the longer ones.  It's worth a try because it brings me to a heaving halt whenever it occurs.

Today :    15km in 2hours 10 minutes.  Slower pace than program which had 8:15m/k, whereas we were 9:11m/k.
5km splits :  46:29;   44:47;    46:03; 
TE "Minor" .... What?? ..... it felt 'major'!!  Does now especially, at 2:00pm ...I'm as stiff as a ramrod!

15km Diamond Fields Road ... out and back course.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Bowral Parkrun #33 ~~~~~

I was meant to run this morning but Thursday night there was  'help' call for a marshal at the turnaround so I was volunteer again this week.  Actually, I enjoyed it .... seeing  smiles etc.(!) on faces as they made the turn back home.  I took some photos and they're up on Bowral Parkrun Facebook page. 

Finishing marshal duties


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tempo Run ~~~~~ 9.5km

Bowral Parkrun course for today's tempo run; bitterly cold wind; took ages to thaw out! Large areas of water on two sections of the cycle path, but at least it was less windy than coming down the grass slope to start. I was way off pace -  nothing felt easy this morning - and VP finished over two minutes ahead of me.  Nevertheless, it would be difficult not to enjoy running, albeit slower than expected, on such a peaceful, scenic course.  If only my running was as pretty!

 Tempo Run:
1.5k easy
8km@ 7:20m/k
1km easy.

8km in 1 hour 1 min.
Avg. pace 7:42m/k.
HR 71-79%
TE 1.8 ~~~~ Minor!!

Tempo 8km ..... (of 10.5km)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Track at Chevalier College ~~~~~

A beast of a day!!  It was so cold and so terribly windy, I don't know why I stayed!  But stay I did and battled in deep anguish(!) all the way through to the bitter end. At home, in catatonic state of frozen, dived into a hot bath, splashed around until I felt limbs start to defrost and blood cursing through veins again.  This, immediately followed by two poached eggs on toast, a mug of coffee and I was ready to look at the damage on Garmin Connect.

Here it is:

The Session:
10-20 min warm-up .... I did 13 min + couple drills/strides
400m    2:39 ... 2:44
600m    4:00 ... 4:12
800m    5:22 ... 5:33
1200m  8:09 ... 8:27
800m    5:22 ... 5:33
600m    4:00 ... 4:20
400m    2:39 ... 2:43

400m RI  between each rep.

TE 1.3 to 1.6 = Minor!!  What??
Stretches to finish.

A worse day I don't need  ~~~~~  Biting, blustery and bleak!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Long Run ~~~~~

So cold and windy this morning! I hadn't run on Diamond Fields Road for some time because of damage by heavy rain.  It was OK this morning but needed to be careful not to trip on the stones.

At the turnaround, looking down!

At the turnaround looking up!

 It seems to be a pattern recently that I start to dry retch about half way into a run.. This morning, at around 7km it started and I was forced to take walk breaks from then to the end.  Googling talks about dehydration, so I'm going to make sure that I drink more before setting off on longer distances.

Today 12km
TE 2.3 = Maintaining

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Tempo Run ~~~ On Parkrun Course

Two or three of the big puddles were still there this morning on Bowral Parkrun's course, the grass slope was boggy in the lower sections, so another splashing good session!
The largest puddle!

 A cold and strong wind blowing, otherwise a pleasant, sunny day.

3km easy
5km (7:10m/k)
1.0km easy

5km in 35:07
HR 76-82%
TE 2.0 'Maintaining'

7:0;   7:18;   6:53;   7:00;   6:55

Total : 9km