Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Easy Again ~~~

While my knee is still a bit 'iffy', I'm walking not jogging.  This morning, from home, through Renwick and back home.  Very humid,  few drops of light rain and millions of sticky flies!  Later today, I'll do some stationary bike.

Today 45 minutes brisk walking.

Almost forgot, in my spare time today, I finished the User Manual, Samsung Galaxy S4, all 147 pages!  I understood it all too and was able to find everything that the manual mentioned, on the mobile as I went along.  A lot of its features won't be used a great deal but I found it extremely interesting working it all out and amazed at what it's capable of doing!


  1. You're very clever! Whatever you do, don't download Candy Crash Saga - Joy's addicted. Hope the iffy knee is less iffy in a week or so.

  2. Never heard of it! I won't look...maybe just a peek!