Wednesday, November 20, 2013

After a Few Days Off ~~~ learn the ins and outs of a new computer, Acer Aspire S7 392Ultra Book.  Gorgeous thing to  look at, all white and silver, very portable and light, 6-8 hours battery time (some say longer), a soft, grey carry case and a nice challenge for me getting to know Windows 8, a touch screen and everything  moving at the speed of light....or so it seems, after the unexpected 'death' of the Asus Eee last week.

 I decided on the Acer Aspire Ultra Book after nearly going bonkus searching and researching day and night, laptops and ultra books on either my Nexus 7 tablet or the Samsung Galaxy smartphone.  Sore eyes for days!  I'm very pleased with this Acer and must admit that there's not much I enjoy more now than working my way through a new piece of technology! As well as the User Manual, I'm working through the on line Acer Windows 8 coach is called "Paula" and she speaks clearly with no American accent!  The tutorials, watched on video while Paula speaks, are excellent for anyone new to Windows 8.  Available to those with Acer computers only!

Also, I missed going out on the wet days...enough excuse! Those were the days I eagerly searched and researched.

Today:  30 minutes easy jogging + a few incline repeats on a grassy slope beside the school basketball stadium.

Addendum: 3 cows, 1 calf, 5 goats and 1 old sheep still doing well!


  1. You'll have to introduce me to Paula - she sounds like my type. Good to hear the animals are doing well. They'd miss you on your non-running days.

  2. I'll mention you when I meet her at tutorial 6!

  3. I think Acer could use your post in their advertising. I don't think there could be better endorsement. It sounds like it is going to bring you a lot of enjoyment.