Friday, July 19, 2013

Unhappy Knee! ~~~~~

No running for a while and until my knee trouble is sorted out but will continue to walk each day.

 In the least my pansies look happy!!

This baby goat is putting the pressure on its Mum!

I'll be back.....when there's something to write about.  ツ

Monday, July 15, 2013

Short Again ~~~ 4km

My knee allowed just a jog to the school and home; quite sore today, darned thing!  I did take time to call in on the baby goats though.  I could watch them for ages when they both climb onto a long, narrow log and see who can balance the longest before one butts the other one off!  The two little ones are such good friends and have become inseparable...

Resting in between games...

Nothing like a good latte to get started!

And later.....A Good Lie Down!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Weekend ~~~~~

Not a very profitable one for running.

Saturday ~~~  2km jog to school and back (4km)
Sunday   ~~~   the same! (4km)...knee not good today.
Long walk for Amy and Oscar both days.

The Weekend 8km!!!  
For the Week 29.3km

Friday, July 12, 2013

The Goats & Me! ~~~~

What a superb day! The sun is shining, the skies are blue and.....I ran further than yesterday!  I started at the school after spending some time with the baby, I think they're properly called : buck, doe, kid.  They are so funny to watch : trying to climb on top of logs; one was attempting to climb over its mother's back as she lay in the sun!  Oh well, on with my run!

7km easy, keeping HR low.
AHR 65%

I wore a knee support, bought yesterday, and I find that if my knee is warm there's much less pain.  Today was good and only for the last kilometre did I notice any pain at all. For now, though,7km is just about my limit before moaning and groaning start!

A Day in the Life of Some Goats ...

...and me

Today  7.3km!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Short 'n Easy ~~~

Knee not good, but I got out for a very easy jog from home to the school and back, with a short stop to see how the new baby goats were progressing...and they are..... in leaps and bounds,which also describes they way they get around the paddock.  Instead of walking, they hop and jump in the air!  Funny little things and not afraid of being petted, though the mums keep a watchful eye on them....and me!

I hope to get through 5km tomorrow.

Today 4km...better than nothing!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Maybe osteoarthritis?

I'm sure Speedygeoff had no idea when he wrote in his blog recently about taking time off, just how applicable and motivating his comments would be for me.  It was as if he knew I was in  a "decline" over the past couple of weeks, but he couldn't have known that, I didn't tell anyone -which goes to show that what we write in our blogs can so often be the very thing that someone else needs at that point in time to 'get yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again"!

For the past couple of weeks I've been doing some walking, not every day, but no running because of knee pain. I don't have an injury, it's just aging arthritis, so last night after reading Speedygeoff's latest blog entry, I decided enough is enough, to get out and run/walk before I forgot how to do it!  I looked up the Maffetone heart rate system, worked mine out, got myself out and found I could still jog/walk!  I had to include some walking when HR started to climb, especially on the hills.

Yes, my knee became very painful after 5km but it was like that anyhow when I was just walking or doing nothing, so what the heck, I kept jogging! But, will my knee allow me to continue and will it be enough to run the ACTVAC half marathon in six weeks' time?   I don't know the answer, but at least....for now, I'll be trying!

From the School, Diamond Fields Road and back...
10km easy, relaxed jog/walk
AHR 66%.

10km on a grey, winter day!

Today 10km

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Born Free!

......yesterday, two tiny additions to the School's goat family........the cutest things!

A Mother's Love!