Monday, February 29, 2016

Starting New Progam ~~~~~

Finished the 6 week 5km training, more or less keeping to it, taking a few extra rest days than recommended.  Today I'm starting another of Pete Magill's progams and it's called  :

"12 Weeks Program for Time-constrained Runners" ..... and I'm changing that to :

"12 Weeks Program for Age-constrained Runners"!

Makes no difference .. age/time... same challenges!!


MONDAY:    OFF  ...  but I did a set of Magill drills with strides this morning after school.
TUESDAY:                  5km Road & Trail Reps ...  8x1 minute @ 5k pace; RI 2min jog.

WEDNESDAY:           OFF
THURSDAY:              Distance Run ... 20-30min @ 8:30m/k (pace based on my 35min 5km time.)
FRIDAY:                     Hill Strides .. 10-20sec.  Walk down; 4-5 reps. Progress to 8-10
SATURDAY:              BOWRAL PARKRUN .... can't be missed!
SUNDAY:                    Long Run ....40-60 mn.

I've not done the Tuesday training before, but I really need to keep trying something new.
See how I go!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bowral Parkrun ~~~~

It was complete disaster for me this morning.  After a sleepless night I wasn't feeling too well and I knew before I left home it wasn't going to be pleasant, but didn't expect to feel so downright awful : lethargic, stomach not good, bit of a headache and breathing the worst ever!! Very humid conditions on the bike path meant lots of walking for me.  A 'run' I'd rather forget about!  Great to see David Watson run the whole distance backwards!

5km in 38:29 ..... my slowest Bowral Parkrun time in 18 months!
Avg. pace 7:22m/k
HR Avg. 82% - 90%Max. ....tells its own story!
TE  3.6 =Improving?

VP had no competition at all!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Easy Day ~~~~~

Jog/Easy Run
20 minutes

No set pace; jog before easy running; just turning legs over.

Bowral Parkrun Tomorrow .......with Divad Nostaw running backwards!!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

"Some Like it Hot"!! ~~~~~

....but not so much as the past two days have been!  36 degrees now at 2:00pm!!  Even at 8:00am it was hot but I did manage a jog/walk of 1 hour, from school along a partly shaded Diamond Fields Road.

60 minutes Jog/with walk breaks
TE =  2.2 ....Maintaining.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Track at Chevalier College ~~~~~

Of course I should have been there at 6:00am but it was near 10:00am by the time I got myself to the track and it was so hot!  Today, was what Magill calls 'Cruise Intervals' which, from memory, is a pace slightly less than for 10km; anyhow there's a chart, based on my recent 5km time, to use to get the correct pace for these 'cruises'!

Warm-up .... 1km incl. 4 strides/drills
4 - 6 x 1000m ..... I did the minimum of 4 ..... @ 7:14m/k

6:54    81-89%    TE  2.1
6:26    83-88%     TE 2.1
7:15    84-90%     TE 2.2
6:34    82-89%     TE 2.2 .... all maintaining!

Stretches in the shade!   Home in the shower!


Monday, February 22, 2016

After the "Big Night " ~~~~~

...the "big night" being the 'Berrima District Annual Sports Awards', held at Mittagong RSL last Friday night. 

The excitement of being one of the 12 people (1 for each month of 2015) awarded for participation in various sporting activities, was too much and it took Saturday and Sunday for me to recover! So no Bowral Parkrun and no long run.  Today, easing back into another week .....

1 set of Pete Magill drills with strides (9 drills alternated with a stride), on road.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fast Tempo ~~~~~

2 x 10 minutes. (7:15m/k)
3 min Jog RI between.  I took 5 min.  1km warm-up & cool-down.

No idea how fast or slow I ran!  All details lost during transfer to Garmin Connect, but I know from looking at the watch while running, that I was ahead of VP for both 10 minutes.  Second 10 min. was slower and harder because I ran the hilly streets in Renwick, first 10 min mostly flat.  Very annoying when this happens with Garmin, I like to see results!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Distance Run ~~~~~

50 - 70 minutes @ 8:30-9:30m/k  +  Stretching

Very humid morning!  Took a couple of walk breaks uphills on Diamond Fields Road.

60 minutes   (6.7km)
Avg. pace 8:53m/k
HR 69%-78%
Avg. Cadence 164 spm.
TE   3.4  =  Improving!!

Exactly the same time on feet for tomorrow.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Took a Rest Day ~~~~

The day was hot, 33 degrees I think, I was tired and next week's progam looks rather formidable! Not so sure about this 6 week 5km training; it's becoming a load of running this week but, since I'm half way through, I might as well finish it.  Always take a rest day if needed or just walk!  There are a number of other programs, up to 12 weeks, not so heavy and not aimed at any specific race distance.  I might try one of those when/if I finish another 3 weeks of the one I've started.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Bowral Parkrun ~~~~~

A little (a very little!) faster than last Saturday!

5km in 35:33 (13secs. faster!)
Avg. pace 7:09m/k
HR 81%-88% 
6:56;   7:05;   7:03;   7:03;   7:24

Age Grading 90.13% ....Phew! back in the 90's!!

A very warm morning followed later in the day with a splendid lunch at the Zen Oasis, Berrima.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Easy Distance Run~~~~~

I did all of today's easy run up and down Scarlet Street, on the far side of Renwick where I had shade from trees on both sides of a road.

25 minutes @ 9:05m/k + 4 - 8 strides ...... I did 8 strides each about 15-20 seconds after 25 min. run.

Avg pace 8:54m/k
HR 65%-72%
Avg. cadence 173 spm.

TE  3.0 ....IMPROVING!


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Easy Distance Run ~~~~~

Today: 30-50 minutes

I did 30 min.  same area from school>Renwick>School
8:45 m/k 
Avg. Cadence 158 spm
HR 66%-76%

TE  3.2  =  IMPROVING!  WooHoo!! 

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Easy Distance Run ~~~~~ Magill 5k Training

I didn't find it all that easy!  Sometimes a struggle towards the finish even at such a slow pace.  I forgot to check the minimum -maximum time and did the max by mistake so maybe that's the reason, plus I can't set the Garmin at any slower pace than 8:55m/k.  Tomorrow, I'll know to do the minimum or somewhere in between.

Easy Distance Run
30-50 minutes
9:05 -10:25m/k

I did 50 minutes
Avg. Pace 8:31m/k
HR 66%-74%
Distance 5.86km (distance doesn't count, but I like to know it anyhow)
Avg. Cadence 166 spm

T.E.  2.3  =  Maintaining!

I had cloud cover the whole time and a cool breeze, so the forecast hot day didn't bother me at all. 

Monday, February 08, 2016

Week 3, Pete Magill's 5km Training - Road Intervals ~~~~

10 - 20 times 30 seconds @ 1500m -3km pace
1 min jog recoveries.

About 8min warm-up + couple drills (my own make up!)

10 x 30 seconds (sufficient!)...... Garmin says I ran 80m for each 30 seconds!
1 min jog RI
Cool-down walk to car. 

It couldn't happen to anyone else I'm sure...... walking, not even jogging, back to the car I tripped on something and landed on 2 knees, 2 hands and 1 elbow!  On loose gravel!  I don't know!!!


Sunday, February 07, 2016

Long Run ~~ Week 2 Done!

Well that's 2 weeks finished of Magill's 5km training!  All good so far, but quite a bit more difficult than my former program.  All sessions to date, except track are 'time on feet' not distance and pace is based on 5km time.. I've been using 35 minutes, but for the coming week I'm going to use 33 minutes which is my PB time for Bowral parkrun.  I can drop back if necessary.

Today:  LONG RUN
60-75 minutes

I did 75 minutes
School > Diamond Fields Road > Buckman's Lane...return to school.
Avg pace 9:00m/k
Distance 9:12km
Avg. cadence 160 spm.
HR 68% to 101%??
TE  2.4 ....Maintaining!

The morning was cool, the scenery beautiful, my running slow but it was one hill after another!

Looking at next week (week 3) seems like all easy sessions, except for Monday, tomorrow, when I have 'Road Intervals' to do; that's new! 

For the week : 31.5km

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Bowral Parkrun ~~~~

Gosh!  It was great to be back at Bowral Parkrun this morning!  Grassy slope a bit wet but the weather was just about perfect.  I ran with the sole purpose of keeping an even pace as much as  I could and I wasn't disappointed with my result....but I hope it will improve!

5km in 35:46
Age Graded 89.75%
HR 79-89%
Avg. cadence 175 spm.
 7:20;   7:06;   7:06;   6:50;   7:17 

And best of all ...TE 4.2 = Highly Improving! 


Thursday, February 04, 2016

Long Hill Repeats ~~~ Magill's 5km Training.

This new program is much harder than I thought at first glance!  Nevertheless, so far I'm enjoying the extra training involved, though only nearly finished week 2 so far.  I'm prepared to change and compromise where I feel it's necessary for me to do so.  For example :  I did a 50 min. 'Distance Run' yesterday, to be followed by another today at a faster pace.  Instead, mainly because of the rain, I did Friday's training today which was Long Hill Repeats and will do as easy distance run tomorrow because I want to get back to Bowral Parkrun on Saturday, and this seemed to me to be a better way of using the 2 sessions.

For a long hill I could think of nothing better than our Bowral parkrun grassy hill even though the rain was quite heavy and the morning cold!  So, over I went!

6 x 90sec. repeats.... timing the 1st rep. only & using whatever that distance was as the benchmark for the others.
4 to 5 min. Recoveries

I did 6 x 90 seconds.....walked down & waited about 4 min the cold rain!

I was thoroughly drenched at the finish but enjoyed the work in spite of the rain.  However, I was so cold driving back and even when at home, not even a hot shower warmed me up, neither did a hot coffee so I had to put the heater on (middle of summer!) and stand right in front of it till I could stop shivering!   I felt colder this morning than I could remember feeling in mid-winter!  I hope for sunshine tomorrow.



Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Easy Distance Run ~~~~~

I didn't find it that easy at all!  It was already hot when I left school at 11:00am but I did have some shade when I got as far as Scarlet Street on the far side of Renwick.  At times, this 'easy' run became a bit of a struggle, but that could be that I'm not used to running every day...accumulative effect perhaps.

Easy Distance Run
40-70 minutes @ suggested pace 9:33-10:56 m/k.   Garmin only goes as far as 8:55m/k so I set it for 8:30m/k, quite a bit faster pace than in the program for an easy run!
Post run stretching.

I did 50 minutes
Avg. pace 7:58m/k...could have slowed down?
Distance 8.3km
HR 74%-84%
Avg. Cadence 173 spm.
TE  4.1  which means HIGHLY IMPROVING!

After 50 minutes I stopped running and walked about another 1km back to school for recovery. Did the usual stretching  on the soccer field.  Tomorrow's training is a "Distance Run".... looking at the pace range for tomorrow, (8:30-9:30m/k) I think I did a distance run today!


Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Track Work ~~~~~

Very warm at Chev. College track this morning but I don't blame the weather for not finishing the entire session .... I'd just had enough at a particular stage and it was less than the minimum number of repeats.  Thank goodness tomorrow is EASY distance run!

12 - 16 x 400m (for me in 2:43 or 6:45m/k)... I did 6 reps.
Still can't find anything about warm-up, recoveries etc in the Magill program, so did what I used do.

 10 min warm-up jog ...forgot strides/drills!
200m RI walk

2:45;  2:44;  2:43;  2:31;  2:29;  2:26

TE after all this was 1.6 which means the 'training effect' was Minor!