Thursday, May 25, 2017

Tempo Run on Parkrun Course ~~~~~

Just the most beautiful morning on Bowral parkrun course today!  Not a cloud to be seen, slight breeze and warm sun ... can't ask for anything better!

My Program was:
 1.5km warm-up .... started from Briars, down the wet, grassy hill & left onto the cycle path.

6.5km @ MT pace .... VP set to run 8:08m/k based on 39 mins for 5km.

1.5km cool-down ....  this became 2:0km to get back to the start at Briars! 

Stretches on grass at Briars in the lovely sunshine!

6.5km @ MT Pace

6.5km in 52 minutes
Avg. Pace 7:58m/k ....  ahead of VP!  WooHoo!! 
Avg. Cadence 165 spm.
AHR 94% of max.  (think there might be a glitch with that high heart rate)
7:57;   8:19;   8:01;   7:56;   7:46;  7:55   +  4:05 for 500m

TE  3.0 ... IMPROVING!!

Total : 10km

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Road Repeats ~~~~~~

I decided to do today's run on the road instead of Chev. track which meant I could wear my new shoes as they wouldn't get wet running on the sealed road!  This madness usually lasts only until the shoes get their first mark! 

Today's Program:

10-20 min warm-up
2 x 1600m (12:17 based on a 39 min 5km time)
1 x 800m (6:01 as for 1600m)
400m RI


1600m in 12:33 ....... Just behind VP!
400m walk RI

1600m in 12:11 ....... Just ahead of VP!
400m walk RI

800m in 5:43  .........   ahead of VP again!

Cool-down walk.

1600m on road.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Saturday & Sunday ~~~~~

My Weekend!

Nothing to write about! 

Saturday:  Missed parkrun:  felt too tired and not recovered from Thursday's session.

Sunday:  Missed long run due to tummy bug! Probably had something to do with why I was so extra tired yesterday.

A better week coming up!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Tempo Run ~~~~~ Bowral Parkrun course so pretty in Autumn!

Program :
1.5k warm-up
3km @ ST pace (7:58m/k.. based on recent finish time for 5k at parkrun)

1.5km easy

3km @ ST pace

1.5km easy

3km @ ST pace

1.5km easy

No telling who you'll meet!


3km in 24:48
Avg pace 8:15m/k (VP ahead but did my best!)
TE  2.0

3km in 23:31
Avg. pace 7:50m/k  (I'm ahead of VP..... just!)
TE 2.0

Cool-down 2km
finishing at top of parkrun hill
Stretches on the grass!

TOTAL 11km

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Rest Day ~~~~~

Usual nothing much!  Few strength exercises at home in the lovely sun which, I hear, is about to change to rain but hopefully not until after tomorrow's tempo run.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Chevalier College Track ~~~~~

Arrived early - early by my standards - to use the oval before the school kids came down to practise for their athletics carnival.  Worked out nicely and I finished a cool-down and stretches just in time.

10-20 min warm-up ..  I did 1km
5 x 800m (VP set to run 6:01 based on my recent 38:52 5km time at parkrun) 
400m RI ... I walked these
Cool-down & stretches... short cool-down walk + stretches

5x800m :  5:52;   5:55;   5:51;   5:56;   5:57

AHR 86%-93% of Max.

TE  Minor!

Ran these a few times during warm-up!
My very own 400m lane!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Rest Day ~~~~~

Today, just the usual strength exercises that I normally do on a non-running day.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Saturday & Sunday ~~~~~~

Saturday :  Bowral Parkrun
86.32%  Age Graded (pleased to be back in the 80%!)
TE  3.2  Improving ... at last!
1:39 min. faster than last parkrun! 

I was more thrilled than I can say to get below 40 minutes for Bowral parkrun where I've been labouring to run below 40 minutes for some weeks, but today I did and I relished the adrenaline rush that came with it for the rest of the day! I was, in fact, as thrilled as if it had been a PB .... well, almost!

Sunday  :  Long Run
10km easy running... few uphill 80m strides
AHR 79% of Max.
TE  2.2  Maintaining

Easy and enjoyable run from school, Diamond Fields Road and back.  That's week one of my 12 week 10km program finished.  I've registered to run the 10km Sydney Harbour 10k on July 9 and I feel I've got off to a good start.  Now to keep the energy and drive going and not get injured!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

First Run for New Shoes!

5km ... Bowral Parkrun!  New NB Fresh Foam Zante Version 3 went for their first run this morning and they felt just fine!  In case they got wet on the downhill grass, I tucked them under my arms and jogged down in bare feet!  Funnily enough, the grass was dry for a change so it wouldn't have mattered had I worn them, but I'm sure they appreciated the care I took of them!  Same, coming back up grassy hill .. no shoes, bare feet!

So.... 5km easy running
8:17m/k avg. pace
HR 110bpm;  MHR 122bpm
TE  1.9  Minor!

My New Runners!

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Chev. Track ~~~~~

A long time since I was last at Chev. for a track session.  No lanes marked but my friend Phil, the ground's keeper, came down and mowed a wide section of grass around the oval for me!  How good is that?

The program was:
10-20 min warm-up
8 x 400m (3:03 based on a 40min 5k)
400m RI

What I did!
2km warm-up
5 x400m
200m RI
Short cool-down & Stretches on the grass ... in the warm sun!

(1)  3:00;    (2)  3:11;    (3) 3:06;   (4)  3:04;   ( 5)  3:18

AHR 79% - 93% of max.

TE    1.3,  1.2,  1.2,  1.5


Monday, May 08, 2017

Easy Run ~~~~

I had the entire weekend off!  No running at all, so it was back to business this morning after I'd finished at Highlands School.

Nothing more than turning the legs over with a short, easy run that included a few 80m strides and 4 times run up/walk down a 200m hill.  Lovely, warm & sunny day.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Short & Easy jog ~~~~

3km easy with 4x80m strides

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

A Few Road Repeats ~~~~~

Around to Scarlett Street for this.  Program had 6 repeats but I did 4.  Cool and windy.  No idea why Garmin recorded only half the distance in last repeat unless I pressed a button by mistake.

Warm-up 1km
4 x 500m
2 min. RI
Cool-down  (+ stretches at home)

3:27;  3:52;  3:27;   (0.27 in 2:05)

Monday, May 01, 2017

Easy Running with strides ~~~~~

Too tired to run yesterday, Sunday, so a must to get the legs moving this morning!

4km with 4 x 80m sprints.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bowral Parkrun ~~~~~

.... and that was my 83rd parkrun yesterday!  I managed to run just over 1 minute faster than I did two weeks ago - I was a volunteer last Saturday so no run on that weekend.  While there's improvement there's hope!

5km in 40:31
82.77% age graded.

Avg. Pace 8:09m/k which was slower than I had VP set to run.

AHR 123bpm;  MHR 135bpm
90%  -  99% of MHR.

7:47;  8:01;  8:08;  8:09;  8:22

TE  2.3  Maintaining.

#83 finished!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Some Long Repeats ~~~~

Over to my favourite place to run, Bowral parkrun course!  First chill of winter in the air but otherwise another gloriously sunny day.

3km warm-up down the hill & along the cycle path towards the Moss Vale end.  Turn around!

2.5km at mod. pace ... towards Oxley end!
20:48 minutes.

3 minutes jog RI....  turn around!

2.5km at mod. pace
20:33 minutes

2km cool down + few stretches on the grass in the sun at the top of the hill!

I really enjoyed this run, in particular the second 2.5km!

2nd 2.5km repeat

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Few Drills etc ~~~~~

Drove to Scarlett Street after my hour at school to do a few Pete Magill drills/strides after a short warm-up jog.  Just enough to keep the legs moving in the right direction and easy after yesterday's harder effort and in view of another less hard day tomorrow and practising better breathing at the same time ...  in 3 out 2!

Looks like a storm is making its way through the region now at 2:00pm!  Amy, poor little pet, is terrified of storms and is inconsolable when there's thunder and lightning. Right now she has firmly planted herself on my lap and I won't be able to move until the storm and rain clear!

"Once in love with Amy, Always in love with Amy!"

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Some Long Road Repeats ~~~~

Though it was looking like rain this morning I did as planned regardless .  I drove across to Bowral parkrun course so that I could have a long, uninterrupted stretch on which to run some long repeats.  My program asked for a moderate to hard effort for the repeats and that's what I did not bothering about VP for a change!  3 minutes RI between each.

1.5k warm-up

1.5k mod/hard
12:29  :  8:04m/k
TE 1.6    Minor!

2.5k mod/hard
21:44   :   8:39m/k
TE 2.8  Maintaining

2.5k mod/hard
20:08   :   8:03m/k
TE  2.8 Maintaining

1.5k Mod/hard
12:30    :   8:20m/k 
TE  2.4 Maintaining

1.5k cool-down walking mostly; jogged up grassy hill.
Stretches on grass to finish!

The 2nd 2.5km loop

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Saturday & Sunday ~~~~~

This was Saturday .......  at Briars after Bowral parkrun when my lovely friends drove up from Canberra, some camping the previous night, to allow me to be part of Ewen's 60th birthday celebrations!  I mean, when you've got friends like that, what more can you say or hope for from others?  I often think to myself, but have never said it out loud before let alone put pen to paper :  I have living relatives who neither know nor care if I'm alive or not and it has been hurtful and distressing for many years but then comes a day like yesterday and I remember my wonderful, loyal friends and I don't mind anymore!

After such a joyful birthday breakfast, unexpectedly, I found myself a little sad for the rest of the day.  I think because I wondered if there would there be another such reunion in my lifetime?  I do hope so, but I think a little part of my heart might have been saying goodbye ... just in case!  Hence the pang of sadness that followed.

This is Sunday ........ part of where I did my long run/walk.  Plenty of walking because the hills never get any easier and I was just so very tired!  Maybe I ate too much of Ewen's wombat birthday cake and then, being greedy, also took home an even larger portion for supper!  The cake was made by the amazing Ruth and was transported from Canberra along with Dave's bikes for a triathlon today at Batemans Bay.  I wouldn't have dared!  I could see the bike colliding with the chocolate 'wombat'!

So the run had a lot of walking;  I was very tired but I guess it was better to do what I could rather than staying home doing nothing! I probably underestimate the value of walking as part of training but it's so slow and takes so long to get done! 

6 to 9km easy running.

I did 8k along my favourite dirt roads incl. 6x80m strides
TE  1.5!  Really?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Road Repeats ~~~~~

1.5k warm-up

3 x 1500m @ mod. to hard effort ...... I did 2 & that was enough!
VP set to finish in 12:25

3mins RI
Short cool-down + stretches at home.

11:41.  TE  2.4
12:09   TE 2.5

Normally, Friday is a rest day but since I'm a volunteer at Bowral parkrun tomorrow morning, there was no need for a rest.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Low Heart Rate Run ~~~~~

Low Heart Rate Run ~~~~~ 4 to 8km with 4 to 6 Strides.

Bowral Parkrun Course:


6 x 80m strides ..... did most of these on hilly sections including up the grassy hill to finish.  Took a couple of longish walk breaks on return 4km.

Plenty of water in the old Wingecarribee River.

Enjoyed this easy run on another sunny autumn day!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easy Run with Strides ~~~~~~

Another glorious summery day!

Easy Run with 6 x 80m strides.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Repeats on Road ~~~~

3km warm-up   ......  I jogged 2km

7 x 1km @ mod. to hard effort .....  I did 3 with VP set to run 7:34m/k

3min RI

3km cool-down ...  I walked 1km

A breezy morning with the sun in and out along Scarlett Street where I did 3 of 7 road repeats.

7:19  TE 2.4
7:34  TE 2.4
7:34  TE 2.2

I enjoyed getting out this morning despite the fact that my blog and I face the threat of possible extinction in 4 weeks!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

To Run or Not to Run? ~~~~

I've been asking myself that question for weeks now, ever since my 5km parkrun times began to spiral downwards and have continued to do so no matter how hard I try and train and wish it wasn't happening.

Today I've come to a showdown with myself!  If in 4 weeks I've made no significent increase in my 5km parkrun times, I'll hang up the runners and close this blog for good! If  running goes so does the blog .... can't have one without the other!  

On the scale of things that really matter this is of no relevance, gravity or even interest to anyone at all except myself.  It'll pass like everything else without much notice, I know, but this is all about me to myself!  I'm giving myself an admonishing warning :  perk up, shape up or shut up the blog and hang up the runners!  I've got 4 weeks in which to do it.  How?  I've no idea!

Starting this week ~~~~~

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Today ~~~ Thursday ~~ Complete Rest!

                          "What is without periods of rest will not endure."  Ovid

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Low HR Run ~~~~~~ Tuesday & Wednesday!

Nasty blister well padded; felt OK to run.  An easy 6km run this morning keeping a low heart rate and including 6 x 80m strides.

AHR 101 bpm .....  74% of MHR
6 x 80m strides
TE   1.8  Minor

Wednesday: same as yesterday!
6km easy run including 6 x 80m strides
AHR 98bpm (72% of MHR)

TE 1.6  Minor.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow ~~~~~ & Tomorrow is Here! Which Means it's Monday!

Yesterday ......  yesterday seems so far away!
Bowral Parkrun #81 for me...
39:51 age graded 84.19% .. just about finished berating myself over this slow one!

Today .....  today I had the feeling!
Long Run ....  the feeling of a huge blister on the sole of my left foot! So painful!  I hobbled the last few metres, sat down and inspected the damage!

Reminder to buy Blister Block before next run!

9km easy running (with some walk breaks) including 6 x 80m strides & 6 x 10 second hill sprints.
TE  2.2  Maintaining

Tomorrow ... the sun will come out tomorrow!
Stepping back from usual running plan this week to have more recovery time and do some easy, low heart rate runs while I sort out why I've been so tired when Saturday's parkrun comes around. To be continued ......

Monday :  Going Nowhere!  Just as well a rest day is the plan! Really, really, really sore!

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Repeats on Road ~~~~~

Chev oval would have been impossible to run on this morning after not only more rain but more feet to plough up the ground after football matches.  I used quiet and secluded Scarlett Street where I had a cheer ("You're doing well!") from the driver of a passing garbage truck!

Program was:

Warm-up .....  I jogged 1km to get distance right.
5 x 1000m (VP set to run 7:45m/k)
400m RI ... walking around.
Cool-down & Stretches .. I did the latter at home.

7:38  TE 2.1 Maintaining

7:15  TE 2.7 Maintaining

7:33  TE 3.1  Improving!! 

7:17  TE 3.0  Improving!!!!

7:21  TE 2.8  Maintaining

1km Repeats all ahead of VP!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Tempo Run & the Thrill of Staying Ahead of VP! ~~~~~

Bowral parkrun course; light wind and rain ... all good!

1.5 km warm-up
3.0km @ ST pace (ie 8:10m/k based on 40 min 5k finish)
1.5km easy
1.5km @ ST pace
1.5km easy
3.0km @ St pace
1.5km cool-down

Ran all of the above segments either on grass hill, cycle path or surrounding Burradoo streets.  Over the moon that I left VP struggling to keep up!

3:0km in 23:03
Avg. 7:41m/k
TE 2.5 Maintaining

1.5km in 11:55
Avg. 7:57m/k
TE 2.5 Maintaining

3:0km in 23:33
Avg. 7:51m/k
TE 3.2 IMPROVING ... at last!

I was extremely pleased with myself this morning!  Not in a very long time have I felt what it's like to run almost effortlessly while at the same time enjoying the light rain and, best of all, staying ahead of VP!

The 1.5km lap at pace, Burradoo.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

It Worked! ~~~~~

The changes made this week, paid dividends this morning at Bowral parkrun! I'm dead chuffed to have taken 2 minutes off last Saturday's 5km time!  Nowhere near a PB of 33 minutes but a whole lot closer than I've been in weeks.

The changes were swapping my tempo run from Thursday to Tuesday and track on Thursday instead of Tuesday.  That way, I had the easier session towards the end of the week, not the other way around.  Just as importantly, I believe, was getting up at 5:30am, an hour earlier than I normally do, and thus giving myself time to wake up!  This is dedication par excellence because I really, really, really love my warm and comfortable bed! Zzzzz!  It's like a magnet that refuses to let go!

Outside, it was a bed lover's nightmare!  Heavy fog made driving across to Bowral a real worry. Once there, one final step in preparation before the run started at 8:00am sharp :  a 10 minute warm-up easy jog and a few strides ..  all done  ... ready to run!  Forgot to turn off the Garmin at finish! The official result is ........

5km in 37:57

Age Graded 88.41%

TE 2.9
AHR 92%

Avg. Pace 8:08m/k;  VP ran 8:00m/k!

Atop the bleeding hill!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Magill ~~~~~~

......  drills ~~~~~

Straight from school to Scarlett Street for a few Magill drills/strides after a short warm-up.

Tomorrow ~~~~~~ early rise for Bowral Parkrun, hoping for something like today's warm, sunny skies!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Track Repeats...Not on Track! ~~~~~

It was raining very lightly to start with but ploppy drops soon followed!  The oval at Chev. was wet, the grass was long, the lanes had gone and, with nothing else to guide me, I had to use the narrow strip and markings for the football field as a lane in which to run!  I should add: and in which to fall over!  My right foot went down a hole that was meant for a pole, not a foot!  However, the landing was soft on the wet, muddy grass and the take off was smooth!

I did 2 of the 4 repeats, by which time the rain was becoming heavier, the drops were more than ploppy and, deciding factor, I had little chance of getting ahead of VP so called it quits.  Driving home, I could barely see ahead more than a couple of hundred metres as a thick fog settled on the entire area.  I couldn't help but notice on either sides of the road how the tall gum trees became ghost-grey in the mist.  Spooky-grey!

Program:  10 min warm-up ....  with Garmin, I jogged 1200m to measure distance for repeats.
Couple drills and strides.

2 x 1200m (9:21)
400m RI

9:22..  TE 2.3 Maintaining
9:27..  TE 2.4 Maintaining

Stretches when I was at home.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

More on 'What I'm Doing About It! ~~~

"IT" being my slower 5km time at Bowral Parkrun! 

Cross Training ......

25 mins. stationary bike ...       

followed by

...........*Strength Exercises.  
Privacy is a basic requirement here! 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tempo Run ~ Bowral Parkrun Course ~~~

A cloudy, pleasantly cool morning with light mist covering the distant hills on Bowral parkrun cycle path.  Normally, Tuesday would be a track session but the change around started this morning with a tempo run instead.  I always seem to be looking for excuses -  other than the obvious! -  as to why any particular run didn't go as I would have wished!

I had Sunday and Monday off because I was so terribly tired after Saturday's parkrun, and so those two days of doing nothing can take the blame for this morning's run not being as comfortable as I would have expected after so much rest.  There!  How easy is it to find excuses?  Took no time at all!

1.5km warm-up .....  I did this jogging down the grassy hill & onto the cycle path.
5km @ ST Pace ..... i.e. 8:10m/k based on a 40 min 5k time
Cool down .. none!  Some stretches instead!

5km in 41:47
Avg. Pace 8:22m/km
AHR 110bpm;  MHR  139bpm
82% to 104%(?) of max.

TE  1.9  ..  Minor!  To the devil with that!

Splits:  8:01;   8:36;   8:10;   7:58;   9:01 ... VP got me, as he always does (humph, hummph, humph!) running up the grassy hill to finish!

That's it till track on Thursday.  "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!"