Thursday, May 18, 2017

Tempo Run ~~~~~ Bowral Parkrun course so pretty in Autumn!

Program :
1.5k warm-up
3km @ ST pace (7:58m/k.. based on recent finish time for 5k at parkrun)

1.5km easy

3km @ ST pace

1.5km easy

3km @ ST pace

1.5km easy

No telling who you'll meet!


3km in 24:48
Avg pace 8:15m/k (VP ahead but did my best!)
TE  2.0

3km in 23:31
Avg. pace 7:50m/k  (I'm ahead of VP..... just!)
TE 2.0

Cool-down 2km
finishing at top of parkrun hill
Stretches on the grass!

TOTAL 11km


  1. New!! But I carried them down the grassy hill and back up when I finished!! Bare feet down & up wet grass hill, new shoes on when I reached the concrete cycle path. But don't tell anyone for heaven's sake or they'll think I'm mad ... just a little!

  2. I must add that this madness will last only until the new shoes have a dirty mark on them! After that, anything goes!

  3. That was a good session. I'm enjoying this autumn weather, but why is rain always forecast for parkrun day?!

  4. Good question, Ewen! Just to see how keen we are to run?