Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Track on Road ~~~~~~

A cold winter's morning and, in spite of the sunshine and a warm-up, I wasn't warm enough to take off my jumper while I ran.  My legs were still a bit tired, from Sunday's run I expect; however I was able to stay ahead of VP for the repeats, except for one where I was a few seconds slower! 

Yesterday, Monday, was a rest day and I only did the usual strength exercises that are part of my 10km program and don't take long to do at all.

10-20 min warm-up .....  I did 2.5km including a couple of drills and strides.

400m,  600m,  800m,  800m,  600m,  400m
VP times  :  (2:58,   4:29,    6:01,    6:01,    4:29,    2:58)
400m RI ... walking
Cool-down ....  short walk and stretches at home.

My times for each repeat:
2:44;  4:04;  5:25;  6:06;  4:07;  2:49

Considering the cold morning and weary legs, I was happy with this session.  I was able to wear my new shoes too (NB Fresh Foam Zante V3) knowing they wouldn't get wet on the road as they would have on grass!  Still waiting for that first dirty mark! Very comfortable to wear for any distance, including intervals, which I'm happy about, but then I've never had problems with any shoes I buy in store or on line, so I must have easy to fit feet!


  1. Another solid session...have you wrapped your shoes in gladwrap so they don't get a mark?!

  2. LOL, allrounder! But that's a good idea about gladwrap, except the first dirty mark has to come soon... possibly Thursday when I'll wear them on our parkrun grassy hill!